I Can Help You Maximize Your Tax Situation

Constantly changing and ever more complex tax laws can make it difficult to know where you stand with the IRS. Your best protection from these complications is a smart game plan. A CPA can assist you in finding effective, practical measures to counteract possible changes which could adversely affect your tax return. Tax time need not be a time of panic and stress. If you do not want to be hassled by the time and energy it takes to prepare your returns, leave it to someone who finds the work exciting and rewarding and alleviate your fear of April 15th.

Take Full Advantage of All Allowable Tax Deductions

Throughout the year I monitor tax law changes that will affect you and recommend tax-saving strategies unique to your situation. I actively help you find tax deductions. As your advocate, if your return is selected for audit examination, I will negotiate with and represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board.

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